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Healthy Coffee Fix

Why is Green Coffee Bean Extract So Popular?


Green coffee beans are the latest weight loss supplement in the market but how effective is this? Can it really help individuals lose weight without compromising their health?

Green coffees are beans that do not undergo the roasting process like ordinary coffee. The reason behind this is to preserve the level of chlorogenic acid in the coffee. Chlorogenic acid plays subtle role in weight loss because it affects the body’s metabolism and fat breakdown.

Moreover, green coffee is not just about weight loss. It has other health benefits that can boost your health and prevent diseases. Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant that hinders the release the G6P enzyme thus balances sugar level in the blood. Green bean extract can reduce up to 32% blood glucose after meal. This level is good for those who are experiencing high post meal glucose level.

Chlorogenic acid also improve metabolism and inhibits the absorption of sugar. When this happen, the body will use excess fats stored in the body. Suppression of appetite is also another benefits for those weight loss enthusiasts.

Since green coffee beans are coffee, it boosts mental alertness and helps you focus easily on your daily tasks.  It calms your nerves while detoxifying your body from toxins. Nonetheless, you must increase your fluid intake since coffee is a diuretic.

Since coffee beans are raw, consuming it can be challenging. The beans are hard therefore may need extra effort to make it edible and drinkable. However, there are easy alternative and this is by taking supplements. Look for GCA label which stands for Green Coffee Antioxidant or find a product that offers 34% of chlorogenic acid in its supplement to effectively lose weight.

Green coffee beans are supplements meant to aid you in your weight loss goals. It cannot be substitute with exercise and good diet.